6 techniques to prevent online scammers

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Criminals now come in many forms. Until sometimes it’s really difficult to separate. Whether it’s real or fraudulent money And especially that comes in the form of online that is difficult to verify. Today, admin brings 6 techniques to prevent crooks for you.

tricked into transferring donations

Many times, we often receive messages either through applications. Or via text message sent from a strange number that has never been before to donate to various organizations. like a poor child For dogs, cats, etc. If you come without a pee If you don’t flute like this, you have to assume that A crook for sure! Transfer money to money into the wallet of thieves for sure. http://ufabet999.com

Prevention Donate to a trusted organization. only through reliable channels or and if there is a message from a strange number Or inviting donations via Line, you should check clearly before transferring.

Scam money transfer

Have you ever met? Suddenly, my friend sends a message through social media saying that he is in trouble. Please transfer money to help urgently! If encountered like this, the danger is 2 times as much as both of us who have been sent messages by crooks to deceive money. And friends or acquaintances whose social media accounts have been hacked

Defense Check with him to make sure it’s really he sent for help. or hacked social accounts. Because if the latter The account holder will be able to notify others in time.

Pretending to win a big prize

Suddenly become lucky Received a huge award Even though I have never sent a sweepstakes or enjoy any activity These scammers will tell you that we have won a big prize. But will have to pay taxes. or pay a small fee in exchange for prizes

Prevention Check whether the sweepstakes have actually been sent or not. and check. With the awarding body that we get the real prize or is an impersonating fraud

online sales scam

Thip’s shop also came. Selling fake stuff scam money transfer Then the goods didn’t come. When following a lot, they disappeared, close the shop, or the number was blocked. Many online shoppers encounter this problem.

Protection Buy from a trusted source. or online selling applications If money transfer is required Take the name and account number to search the history on Google first because it may find a history of fraud.

Scam to open an account

Scammers in this form do not want our money. but need an account to do illegal things which will allow us to open an account for you and pretend to divide the amount of money into the account for how many percent, depending on the agreement Which, if any day is prosecuted, will definitely be punished

Protection : Do not open an account for anyone. due to a violation of the law

Pretending to be a call center

classic scammers Who called in, pretending to be a call center from various agencies such as the NBTC, police stations, telephone networks, private transport, post office, that there is an emergency that must verify identity They will be fraudulent information. or trick us to transfer money to