Juventus are favorites to get Phillips to strengthen their team.

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The Sun, a famous British media outlet reports that. Juventus are the favorites to sign Manchester City midfielder Kalvin Phillips to join the team during the January transfer window.

The England international is currently on reserve status at the Etihad Stadium. While he hopes to play more as he wants to maintain his status in the Three Lions’ squad for Euro 2024. Which is waiting in the middle of next year ทางเข้า UFABET 

According to reports from the British media. “Zebras” are the favorites to get Phillips to join the team. While the 27-year-old midfielder isn’t shutting down the opportunity to play abroad either.

Juventus lost both Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli, two midfielders who were banned for long periods of time. Causing Massimiliano Allegri to need to strengthen the midfield to strengthen and win the league this season. Because the team does not have a European football program like other clubs.

Meanwhile, Newcastle and West Ham, two clubs from the English Premier League are also interested in joining the team.

With outstanding and unique works. The figure may not be tall. which is replaced by excellent strength in chasing and cutting off the opponent’s midfield game. Until being regarded as one of the top central midfielders of the English Premier League.