7 single football betting formulas increase the opportunity to make money

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Choosing a single ball The result will be just losing or winning. Which means that the odds of winning the bet are only half and half. (Win or lose), so having a formula that increases your chances of winning the game. or reduce the chance of losing all the money It will help you to know how to make money from football betting better. สมัคร UFABET

1. High and low bets, easy to make money

Single football betting, in addition to betting on the winning team There are still many betting styles to choose from. One of them is betting on high and low scores. This is a bet on whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be higher or lower than the point set by the website. 

Over and under It is considered one of the very easy ways. Because there are only 2 options to choose from, that is, higher or lower, which if guessed correctly, the bet wins.

For example, choosing Over 0.5 means that the whole game must score at least 1 goal. Which if one team scores. or the total goal is higher than 1, it is considered a winning bet. 

2. High bet at the end of the game

You can choose to bet high and low, whether it’s the first half only. Or can stab full time and also choose to bet at any time of the competition Which tips to bet high and low If you still can’t decide Or that since the first half no one has scored.

The method is to wait for the second half during the last 25 minutes and the ball price will flow down to below 1 ball, which if it looks like there is no chance to score a goal. It can be stabbed high up the garden. However, there is a chance of winning the bet for sure.

3. Single Ball 2 Chance

Another way to bet on single football that makes money easily. That is to choose a 2 innings or Double Chance. Which is a 2 out of 3 betting prediction that allows you to easily win bets. which will be divided into

  • home or draw It is a prediction that the home team will win or the result will be a draw. 
  • always or visit It is a bet on whether the away team will win or the result will be a draw.
  • home or away It is a prediction that either team will win. which if a tie will not be bet

This 2-inning single ball bet increases your chances of winning a very high bet. From a match with only 3 outcomes, home team wins, away team wins or draw, you can choose up to two with very high odds of winning.

4. Single football betting per team day

This formula for single football betting Suitable for people who like a moderate risk of betting (50%) by choosing to bet on football pairs a day. with the same bet amount every day until the desired profit is obtained.

For example, place a bet of 500 baht for 5 days, in which each day came in to bet on a single ball, 1 pair, deposited at 500 baht, which in this way, if any day loses, there will be a day when there is an opportunity to get the principal back. plus a small profit 

If you choose to use this method, there must be a certain level of information that is solid enough. That is, knowing which team will have a greater chance of winning. from following football news see football analysis Including to see the form of play for each team to be accurate 

5. Single football betting 3 teams a day

This method increases the odds of winning up to 80% with a single ball bet with 3 separate bills, where 1 bill bet is higher and 2 bills bet the same amount. This will help to make high profits and reduce the risk of losing a certain amount of money.

For example, choose the first bill that is confident that the team will win. By placing a bet at 900 baht and the 2nd and 3rd bill at 450 baht per bill 

If you choose this method Of course, it must be tight about the team that is confident enough. Which if all bets are correct. Will get a lot of profit If the big bill loses the small bill. It is still consider profitable. If you lose a big bill and get a small bill, it’s still considered enough to get some money back.

6. Daily compounding single football betting formula

For this formula still requires accurate predictions. Which must be selected 1 team per day to bet and then use Fibonacci mathematical investments. Which will be a sequence of positive numbers in front of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. , 21, 34, …. 

In which we will invest in the order of this formula for 7 days and start the first round with 50 baht, it will be 50, 50, 100, 150, 250, 400, 650 (total capital = 1,650 baht). 

This method of compounding money if there is a bad day. There will still be enough money to make a profit on another day. It will help save money to waste less. And if stabbed correctly in the later days It will increase the profit even more.

7. Formula to bet on the secondary ball

For this formula is a single ball betting formula that chooses to bet on secondary balls. By choosing from open balls with odds of 0.5-1 (half ball) and see if the underdog has a worse performance. or very different rankings And the secondary ball has a decimal water price, for example, the next team has a 2.0 water price, the secondary team has a 1.85 water price.

which, if looking at the result of the betting table, it is found that the secondary team is in the gamut. Then let’s look at the next factor, which is that the secondary team must have a chance to score goals as well. Then proceeded to stab the secondary team at all.