“Bruno” urges Manchester United to win a routine

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Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes says they need to keep winning routines. After doing a good job in the game against Arsenal,

“Red Devils” defeated the “big guns” on Sunday night ago. Which was their fourth win in a row.

United had a disappointing start to the season. After losing to Brighton and Brentford in the first two matches until having to go down to the bottom of the table But they picked up points to climb to fifth and

Fernandes admitted they needed to win a routine. Which is a must when playing for a club like United.

“We have to make it routine. we know that well when playing for this club It has to be our routine,” he told UFABET.

“We can do it, we know sometimes we can get the results we want and sometimes we can’t. But we must always have a fighting spirit, spirit and harmony to win three points.”

“I feel that everyone has a close relationship. We have unity, fighting spirit. including other things Which is why we took the three points and did such a good job.”

“Sometimes you have to get deep, defend and defend the box. Because other teams are also full of quality and can create problems for you. If you did it today (against Arsenal) you won’t concede a lot of goals. And will score more than the other side.

“We know that we are dangerous in the counter game And we can do more and more. which we still have to do more We know that well.”