Tips for using eye drops correctly

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How to use eye drops

Before we pick up the eyes drops every time, we should check the type of medicine correctly that you picked up the right bottle and don’t forget to check the expiration date. Normally, the eyes drops are in the form of a bottle after opening. Will last no more than 1 month, if more than this will increase the risk of more germs. 

For those who have many types of eye drops and don’t know which one to drop first after recommending that

– Start with eyes drops that look like clear water first.

– then gradually proceed to eyes drops that contain suspensions (observed from when instilled into the eyes Feels like a milky white color – it is recommended that before instillation, shake the bottle every time) 

– Finish with eyes drops that are gel or ointment. 

All of these should take place at least 5-10 minutes apart.

which is the correct instillation Before starting to instill, we must wash our hands thoroughly. and dry your hands If it’s sitting with eyes drops Look up about 45 degrees to make it easier to instill the eye drops. But if it’s a sleep style to lie on your back, face straight and use the non-dominant hand to pull the eyelid down, leaving the eye to look up, then use the dominant hand Hold the pill bottle above your eyes. (Be careful not to touch eyes or eyelashes.) Just drop 1 drop, then close your eyes for about 1 minute, let it absorb into the eyes.  ยููฟ่าเบท

But if someone uses certain eyes drops and feels eye irritation, burning eyes, red eyes, dark eyelids, swollen eyes, stop the drug and take the drug to consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

It’s also important to take care of the eye dropper bottle. or incorrect eye drops which many people see as a trivial matter But may lead to problems in the future. The prohibitions that you should know are: 

– Do not use sharp knives. or burning a fire to open a bottle of eyes drops

– Do not use a needle or scissors to pierce the tip of the vial.

– Try not to let your fingers touch the tip of the vial.

– Eyes drops should not be used for more than 1 month.

– Do not buy eye drops that are not standardized for eye drops.

– if eye drops contain steroids Before use, always consult a doctor.

– Do not share eye drops with other people.