Techniques to win fish shooting games.

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Fish shooting game is another online casino game that is gaining popularity as a game. That is easy to play, fun, exciting, and also earns good money. Playing fish shooting games, even if you think it looks easy, win if you play. Thinking that way, you are wrong to play without a technique. Without a pattern from UFABET that will earn money easily and have to pay easily as well. So we would like to introduce techniques to win fish shooting games that make great profits to tell each other. Ensure that if you follow This technique and then earn hundreds of thousands of money, yes for sure.

What is fish shooting game? 

For online game gamblers should not miss the “ fish shooting game ” that is becoming very popular. Fish shooting game is a game developed from a casino based coin operated game. Including according to various game centers, which can be found around fish shooting games, free credit will be shooting bullets, collecting credits to receive various rewards, but at present, fish shooting games online shoot fish for profit. Fish shooting games are just like any other online game. Small fish that are like pensioners are easy to handle. But the reward of the small fish will be less. If you want to get profit or bonus from fish shooting game, you have to shoot big fish or fish with a lot of bonuses, but it will take a lot of ammunition to shoot.

How to play fish shooting game 

How to bet

The first step in starting a game is choosing a play position. and start placing bets By pressing the plus and minus symbols on the gun area, press plus to increase the bet amount. Or subtract to reduce the amount of bets, which the bet amount is the number of bullets used in fish shooting games . The bet amount depends on the rules of each website.

how to choose a gun

There are 2 types of guns in fish shooting games, which are normal ammunition guns and electric guns, which have different usage patterns. It depends on the game situation. You can change to any gun just by pressing the gun 1 time by normal gun. Suitable for shooting many fish because it can be fired scattered. and fire quickly and frequently Suitable for shooting small fish or those that score very low to high, but it takes a little time to complete, uses less ammunition, saves money. Electric guns are great for shooting large fish or bonus fish that use limited ammo to kill only once. gun violence And the cost of shooting is quite high enough.

how to shoot fish 

Touch your finger to the screen in the location of the fish you want to attack. If the bullets are fired together Press and hold the screen to play fish shooting games should be played via mobile phones or tablets to have a better experience than playing through a general computer.

How to calculate the payout rate

shooting each fish There will be different amounts of money and each fish shooting game will give different credit scores for each fish. Some fish only give a lethal payout rate. But some offer random payouts. Before playing, you should study the details of how to play well before playing. So that there will be less mistakes in the game, the opportunity to make more money increases.