Fat trapping pills Can really lose weight Or life-threatening?

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Fat trapping pills Can really lose weight Or life-threatening?

If you are one of those people who have ever thought about losing weight You’ve probably heard advertisements for a type of weight loss pill call “Fat trapping pills” that will trap fat from the food we eat. Then defecate with feces, with a horse’s face, or the person who actually tested it firmly confirmed that The photo came out with only small amounts of fat. It shows that it really captures fat very well. Like this, eat oily food. No matter how much you don’t get fat. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app

Fat trapping pills There’s only fat in the photo. Good for the body?

Many people think that fat is the main factor that makes us fat. Let me tell you, you’re wrong! Because in fact, most of the foods that make us fat These are starchy and sugary foods that we eat more than necessary.

There is both good fat and good fat. and bad fat We get good fats from olive oil. and oils from various grains such as pumpkin seeds, canola, grape seeds, etc. There are also good fats from almonds, avocados, and deep sea fish.

As for the bad fat… You probably know this: fat from animals like pork belly. Thick layer of beef fat (grilled ones are extremely delicious) and processed products such as bacon, ham, various sausages, including fat from bakery foods, bread, cookies, margarine, and various fried foods.

But  taking fat-blocking pills It traps all the fat from the food we eat. It doesn’t choose whether this is good fat or bad fat. As a result, the good fats that we should receive to nourish the body also disappear along with our excretion.

Fat… important to the body

Fat doesn’t always make us fat. Because good fats are very beneficial to our body. Because it serves to dissolve various vitamins. That we eat, such as vitamins A, D, E, K, are an important part in creating hormones in the body, nourishing the skin and hair to be strong, soft, firm, and maintaining body temperature. and promote the function of cells in the body to function normally as well

But if we excrete good fats completely out of the body We will dissolve various vitamins. How do we eat it? The skin and hair become fragile, dry, cracked, and not healthy. Even the cells Including the hormones within the body will also start to behave abnormally.

A good way to lose weight is to limit food if you know that eating a lot of (bad) fat will make you fat. Reduce your intake of bad fats, reduce your intake of flour and sugar (reduce, not abstain), eat other foods from all 5 food groups, and exercise regularly. and get enough rest Now you are the owner of a beautiful figure. Healthy body Without having to rely on any medicine, of course.